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Markets, with first hand experiences


Target markets

Take advantage of more than 15 years of professional experience in the fields of sales and marketing in combination with first-hand experiences in different industrial sectors. Thanks to our professional background we are focusing our services on these industries:

  • Electronics | Micro Technologies (MEMS)
  • Automation | Mechanical Engineering
  • Renewable Energy | Photovoltaics
  • Technical Software | IT

Project applications

In order to give you further insight into our work please find a few project applications listed below which are representative of our track record corresponding to their respective industry.

  • Electronics | Micro Technologies (MEMS)
_Manufacturing equipment: Dispenser and handling machines

_Electrical board test (ATE - Automatic Test Equipment)

_MEMS components and technology business

  • Automation | Mechanical Engineering

_Customized automatic handling machines (robotics)

_Rapid prototyping: HiL test (Hardware-in-the-loop)

_Rapid prototyping: 3D-Printing / molding

  • Renewable Energy | Photovoltaics

_PV mounting systems (roof + ground installations)

_Solar carport applications

  • Technical Software | IT

_Mechanical CAD + MEMS design software

_ED(T)A software for electronic board test and debug

_Image processing software

Expect a lot more - we are not limited to that !


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