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Modular services - customized to your needs


Within the two tables displayed below you may find a systematic order for currently available modules and the services contained.  Please note that this outline is only a short abstract for your first orientation. Please feel free to contact us to obtain further information.

Modules l

_Business Planning  "BP"_

The overall objective of module "BP" is to create important core elements of a region specific business plan (GER-A-CH) as a "short business plan".

 1/ Planning services for sales set-up

Abstract: Sales structure, forecast simulation, target group specification, identification named target leads, lead generation activity plan...

 2/ Services for substantial budget planning

Abstract: MarCom budget, other budgets...

_Marketing Communication  "MC"_

The overall objective of module "MC" is to create a well matched set of region specific Marketing tools accompanying the regional sales.

 1/ Services for product and sales documentation

Abstract: Product brochures (flyer), PPT (PDF) presentations, white paper, pricelist and calculation models, return-on-investment calculations

 2/ Services for regular customer communication

Abstract: Press work, mailings, product registrations, events, website

 3/ Services for analyses

Abstract: Market and competitors, sales argumentation and objection treatment

_Administration  "A"_

The overall objective of module "A" is to depict the entire sales process in a clear manner. Important criteria are transparency, currentness and good controllability.

 1/ Document templates and know-how for sales administration

Abstract: Forecast control, event control, contracts and partner programs

 2/ Services for sales related software implementation

Abstract: CRM software, marketing control software, mailing software, product configuration and visualization software

 3/ Embedded sales coaching

Abstract: Sales coaching, strengths-weaknesses analysis, training

Modules ll

__Pre-Sales  "PrS"_

The overall objective of module "PrS" is the effective and pro-active implementation of the lead generation planning scheduled in module "BP" (Business Planning).

 1/ Indoor and/or field sales services

Abstract: Indoor pre-sales (phone calls, webinars, mailings, feasibility check...), field pre-sales force (fairs, exhibitions, conferences, workshops, road shows, product seminars...)

__Sales  "S"__

The overall objective of module "S" is to systematically perform all necessary conviction steps with the customer to win the order.

 1/ Follow-up sales process up to order receipt

Abstract: Customer meeting, lead qualification process (product demo, product evaluation...), proposal preparation (calculation, presentation, contract negotation...), order

__Post-Sales  "PoS"__

The overall objective of module "PoS" is to maintain customers after order placement aiming to retain them as long-term customers.

 1/ Regular and added value services

Abstract: Delivery and installation, customer training, customer pilot project support


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