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Why to work with us, your advantages


Market access - Being German we at C3E speak not only the language but also thorougly understand the German country and its culture. 

Specialization - We have a distinct ability to apply an interdisciplinary approach for products/solutions in the fields of mechanics, electronics, optics, micro techniques and technical software. Due to our comprehensive sales experiences across several industrial sectors we have a large idea tool box full of successfully implemented market strategies for you to chose from.

Modular & scalable - Thanks to the modular proposal structure you are free to select those Business Development service units you currently need. Or you just start first with an introductary package to get to know our work. Depending on the market feedback for your product/ solution you may extend the service range - scaleable to your needs. 

Networking - Due to our extensive sales activities in Germany we have close connections with a well-established contact network (potential customers, partners, associations), both in different industrial sectors and on several contact levels. 

Business model - Our business model allows you to combine advantages of the two known common work forms in sales: employment + distributor. Why? By ordering our services you can be sure to receive the output you expect because you determine content and time frame, but can keep it flexible at the same time. On the other hand, you avoid to work with too inactive distributors who don't invest the minimum time (for what reason ever) that is actually needed in order to successfully place your product in the market. 

Working with C3E RUEDIGER HARTUNG means you [firstly] we support you in initially testing the market response for your product in general, then [secondly] help you select the right distribution partners building an efficient sales network and finally [thirdly] you can rely on us as a trusted partner to assist your new distribution set-up over a certain time frame until the regional sales yield the results you expect. Or as long as you need us.


C3E RUEDIGER HARTUNG works on service contract base. Depending on the selected amount of service modules a certain time frame will be agreed. As we are working closely embedded within your company organization you can be assured of seamless processes with your in-house team. A professional regular reporting process during the co-operation ensures that you are always up-to-date about the latest status and results.

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