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The service model at a glance


Guiding principles

There are different scenarios that a company faces when taking the first steps into the German B2B marketplace with its technical products.

Regardless of whether you intend to launch a completely new business from scratch or whether you are already represented within the German speaking market - we are confident for each case that we can provide you with the service support that is right just for you. With a great sense of responsibility we either open up the German speaking market for your product/solution for the first time or boost your existing regional business.

C3E is your pro-active business driver. In our corporate philosophy consulting tips and their direct implementation complement each other! The range of services that we provide is set up to meet your needs every step of the way. It reaches from planning services reaching to activity implementation covering further services like for example analysis or sales software consulting if required. Our modular approach enables us to propose the right set of services that is  ideally matched to your actual business needs. Due to its systematic view the modular approach also ensures that all steps along the process are evaluated. This way there is less of chance to miss out on a useful service idea that could increase your business success.

Modular service approach

The model schematic below structures the different stages - or "modules" - of the sales cycle. The modules Pre-Sales, Sales and Post-Sales build a flow starting prior to first customer contact, going through winning the order and leading up to maintaining regular customers. Where the modules Business Planning, Marketing-Communication and (Sales) Administration display processes that run in parallel to the sales flow as described.

Within each module C3E can offer you particular units for services to be selected. After analyzing your specific project situation and your needs we will be able to provide you with a customized package of services by combining services units from the appropriate modules.


The modular services in detail